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Cancer Check Up

Women and men should see a urologist once a year for a cancer check up and women should also see a gynaecologist. Many tumours are curable if detected in the early stages when they usually display no symptoms.

A cancer check up of the urinary tract includes:

    » abdominal examination
    » kidney and bladder ultrasound
    » urinalysis (sediment, cytology, tumour marker NMP22)

A cancer check up of male genitalia includes:

    examination of the groin and external genitalia
    rectal examination
    rectal ultrasound (TRUS) image of the prostate, bladder and seminal vesicles
    blood test (PSA = prostate-specific antigen)

A cancer check up of female genitalia is carried out by a gynaecologist.

A bowel cancer check up is carried out by means of a hemoccult test (a test to detect hidden blood in stool specimens). A urologist performs this test on men and a gynaecologist on women (annually between the ages of 50-54).
Men and women aged 55 and over are offered a total of two coloscopies every 10 years.
For at-risk patients this test is of course carried out at any other time.

The check ups described here are what we recommend for the early detection of urological cancer. Further tests can of course be carried out.
These checks ups do not equate to what is recommended by law in terms of cancer screening tests. Statutory health insurances provide cover only for a physical examination, hemoccult test or coloscopy. All other services are offered on an individual basis and at the patient's expense.

Please see our information sheets issued by the Professional Association of German Urologists.

The prostate starts to become enlarged in most men over the age of 40. You can find out whether this is already affecting your urination by answering the questions on this international questionnaire (IPSS).